Cuernava Pilgrimage with Spanish Language Classes


Cuernavaca, Mexico

Each year, the Diocese of New York engages in a two-week Spanish Language Intensive Course and Pilgrimage to the Diocese of Cuernavaca in Mexico. This course is open to anyone interested in learning Spanish at any level, and particularly relevant to congregations and clergy who are reaching out to their Spanish speaking communities and want to offer the Holy Eucharist, and Morning and Evening Prayer in Spanish.

The pilgrimage is also about Mexican culture and heritage, as we continue to build relationships with our sisters and brothers of the Anglican Communion.

Here are the details:

  • Cost: Because this is not a “line item” in the diocesan budget, the cost is $3,200 per person – which includes airfare, tuition, room, board – everything but personal expenses incurred. Modest financial aid is available.
  • Deposit: $350 per person is required to guarantee your space and flight reservations. The deadline for deposits is September 15, 2024. (Note: Deposits cannot be refunded after October 15, 2024.)
  • Full Payment or Cancellations: Must be received by December 15, 2024. (As noted above, in the case of cancellation, deposits cannot be refunded after October 15, 2024.)
  • Space: The maximum number of participants is 15.

For questions and to make reservations, please contact the Rev. Yamily Bass-Choate at the contact information listed below.